Research and Development by TranSeed

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TranSeed is involved in several types of research and development, funded privately.

Some R&D is focussed on internal internal capabilities to give our customers and clients more "bank for the buck". Much of this research has already paid off with innovation that gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Instrumentation in support of materials characterization for PSR (Planet Stewardship Research) projects.
  • Media production development process technology.
  • Kangaroo 2.0 is company proprietary MIDI control generation software, that profoundly simplifies the composition and production of music and sound effects tracks. This work is built on previous R&D in sound cognition, sound generation and rhythmic studies.
  • Media production support software for scripting, production management and finance.
  • Multidisciplinary R&D based on the work of anthropologists and psychology theorists like Carl Jung, communications researchers like Dale Carnegie and artificial intelligence researchers like Roger Schank.
  • Software development process standards such as ORSL 1.0.

Some R&D is focussed on modeling and data structure technologies.

  • Glassen is a directed graph data storage, processing and retrieval system that has properties significantly more efficient and natural than the relational database model.
  • Atomic Lab is a generalized version of building block style data processing work that came out of pre-TranSeed R&D in the early 1990's.

Dr. Isaac Chuang, a consultant to MIT and several military organizations, is an expert in applied AI and real time convergent systems.

Dr. Isaac Chuang

Douglas Decicco (UTRC, Nasdac Analytics, Amex, Kaman, subsidiary Raymond Engineering, DirecTV, etc) provides algorithmic optimization, group and individual profiling based on usage patterns, statistical dashboards, fast big query and big data ops, and business intelligence using open source and proprietary agents and components.

Douglas Decicco

Cliford Dugan Jr. provides web engineering capabilities.