Total Media Conception and Production Services by TranSeed

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We are confident that we will be able to meet your corporate needs with multimedia that effectively communicates messages crucial to your strategic goals. Our years of creative and technical experience allows us to deliver to you state of the art digital media of the highest quality.

We also provide high quality DVD productions of conventions, athletic events, and special ceremonies in the South Florida area.

TranSeed provides a wide variety of services to the individual, small business or enterprise.

  • adaptation of existing digital assets (corporate image) to the video oriented world
  • message development
  • script writing
  • script editing
  • coaching and directing
  • video shooting
  • 3D modeling
  • animation
  • graphics
  • narration
  • directing
  • set design and construction
  • model building and prop procurement
  • video and audio editing
  • blue screen effects
  • musical composition and procurement
  • special audio and video effects
  • duplication
  • media package design
  • audiovisual training
  • communications consultation

We look forward to collaborating to our mutual benefit and expect to maintain a profitable relationship long into the future.


Because of the unique TranSeed proprietary production process, we have been able to reduce media production costs by 50% from that which is typical in the business.

For event coverage such as conferences, conventions and award ceremonies where less effort is taken to produce a particular effect in the viewer the cost is between $25 and $200 per finished minute.


A general rule is that professional media production costs between $200 and $10,000 per finished minute of audiovisual material. Where a given project falls within that range depends on a number of variables including these.

  • number of people involved
  • level of detail in existing plan and script
  • turnaround requirements
  • location requirements
  • set and model requirements
  • complexity of camera angles, lighting, reveals, cuts and fades
  • animation, graphics, 3D modeling and special effect requirements
  • sound and music needs
  • final form(s) required (i.e. VHS, DVD, DivX 5 online)

Once we have outlined the scope of a project, a price quote and statement of scope can be prepared for your approval, after which schedule and nondisclosure agreements are made and work commences.