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We are confident that TranSeed will be able to provide you or your people with new enthusiasm, clearer understanding and ongoing assistance in human relations and skillful conveyance of information.

Why do professionals use multimedia when presenting?

  • Variety attracts interest.
  • Increasing the number of channels to the brain (i.e. senses, layers) increases content retention.
  • Style introduced by color, symbolism, photography, graphs, font variety and motion bring an emotional element that helps build goodwill toward the message and the messenger.

With what elements do video segments surpass slides as a catalyst to effective communication?

  • music
  • storytelling
  • drama
  • organic motion
  • body language
  • visual effects
  • audio effects

Why use a segment (short video) in a presentation?

  • A segment piece gives the speaker a moment to adapt to the audience.
  • A segment lends the speaker, if playing a lead role in the segment, a celebrity-like quality.

Why use background video instead of traditional slides?

  • The timing between the media and the presenter is repeatable and easily rehearsed yielding reliability.
  • Background video is distinctive because it is still a novelty.
  • What was mechanical motion in high end slides pale beside live action and drama.

What are some of the models that use audiovisual media in marketing and education?

  • warmth  —  show  —  interact
  • enter  —  narrate  —  interact
  • produce  —  distribute  —  meet